Mick Sullivan: With Empathy Comes Connection


Nov 3, 2021

With empathy comes connection.

Mick Sullivan

Mick Sullivan wears many hats and has many passions. He is the creator and host of The Past and The Curious, a delightful and well known history podcast for kids and families. He is also the Curator of Guest Experience at The Frazier History Museum and the chair of Kids Listen, an international children’s audio education advocacy group. But if you ask him, he is first and foremost a musician, having played in several successful jazz and folk bands. This life of music mixed with his deep appreciation for history is at the foundation of the conversation and the sense that so much of the disconnect in modern life can be “bridged” through empathy. 

Julie Paiva- How You Show Up Matters


Oct 20, 2021

How you show up matters.

Julie Paiva

Julie Paiva is a mother, a writer, an actress, and a first-grade teacher. Be it on the page, the stage, or in the classroom,  storytelling is a vital part of Julie’s life. In addition to sharing about storytelling, Julie and David discuss the joys and challenges of being a first-grade teacher. They go deep into the responsibility of being there at the beginning of a student’s learning journey and how that impacts them as adults. Lots of things in life can be thoroughly unpredictable and Julie reminds us that how we show up matters.

Kim John Payne: You are safe here.


Oct 6, 2021

You are safe here.

Kim John Payne

Kim John Payne, M.Ed., founded the Simplicity Parenting movement. He has also been a counselor, educator, consultant, and researcher for 27 years.  He helps children, adolescents and parents explore the vital importance of living a balanced, simple life. In this capacity, Kim provides support for families facing a variety of social, emotional, and behavioral challenges at home and at school. He and David regularly connect around creating a dependable and simple environment for children, and this is the focus of their conversation for The Storying Project. Kim’s message to children? You are safe here.

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